Corner House
Our Coffee

We are passionate about our coffee, and after months of research and taste tests, we found the perfect blend on our doorstep in Skipton, which fulfilled our aim to provide quality while keeping it local.  Our coffee is classed as speciality grade which is the highest grade available, it is more complex in flavour and depth and has a more pleasant aftertaste. According to experts, the best coffees for espresso contain 85-95% Arabica beans and a small amount of Robusta beans as this gives a more balanced flavour. Our coffee blend uses at least 90% Arabica beans grown at high altitudes. 
We love our coffee, and are confident you will too! 
We use only the finest beans available. Our Lorenzo blend has rich, dark chocolate notes, which develop into a smooth, nutty caramel finish.
We have a large range of coffees available every day; Cappuccino, Latte, Flat White, Mocha, Macchiato, Cortado, Espresso; all available as decaffeinated.

There's also our lovely smooth Filter Coffee, a beautiful blend of Kenyan and Columbian beans, which creates a full bodied coffee with caramel notes and pleasant fruity flavours. Perfect with or without milk and only £2 per cup with free refill.

Our Speciality Loose Leaf Teas & Tisanes

We offer a range of loose leaf black, green and herbal teas as well as fruit tisanes.

Earl Grey
A blend of China teas, scented with oil of bergamot
Russian Caravan
A full bodied tea combining Keemun, Formosa Oolong and Darjeeling. It has a pleasant subtle sweet flavour, and a lovely aroma and can be enjoyed black or with milk.
Rose Congou
A delicate, black china leaf is blended with dried pink rose petals to create an aromatic tea which is smooth and gentle on the palate.
English Breakfast
A blend of high quality Assam & Ceylon teas
Formosa Gunpowder Green Tea
It offers surprising body & a captivating green tea taste, leaving a memorable fragrance & long lasting finish
Peppermint Green
A light & refreshing green tea infused with peppermint oil
Apple & Lemon
A traditional tisane which combines apple, lemon & hibiscus flower
Passion Fruit & Orange
A refreshing & fruity tisane combining orange peel, passion fruit, apple, hibiscus & rose hip. Full of vitamins & antioxidants.
Rooibos, also known as Red Bush. A distinctive light, sweet, herbal, naturally caffeine free tea from the Rooibos plant

All £2.40 for a pot served with a timer to ensure optimum brewing time.